Meet the Jury

Bubblegum Club and Daily Paper have come together to form a jury with a multifaceted background in art and design. The Bubblegum Club and Daily Paper jury will independently select their top 10 applications through private judging sessions. The chosen top 10 candidates will then receive a brief from the jury that they will respond to as the next step in the selection process. For more information about this process click here.

Isaac Kimbugwe

Isaac has always been connected to the streets and considers themselves a well-rounded, well-traveled, well-connected cultural maven that weaves through landmark cities around the world through my networks of other like-minded people and particularly enjoy creating and producing unique content that is inspirational, enriching, insightful and entertaining.

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Carly Muller

Carly Muller graduated with a bachelor’s in Fashion Design from WDKA Art Academy in the Netherlands, and is currently Design Manager for Daily Paper (6+ years).

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Jamal Nxedlana

Jamal Nxedlana, born in Durban, living in Johannesburg, South Africa is a visual artist and cultural organiser. He is in the unique position of being both a cultural producer and the founder of a number of independent organisations which support the South Africa arts community.

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Moipone Tlale

Moipone Tlale is a digital practitioner with a background in Architecture and is currently working towards her postgraduate degree in Philosophy. Entirely enthusiastic about History and Philosophy, Moipone is not afraid to question the ideologies that inform issues such as identity, culture and being.

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