Africa is rich in history, culture and creativity.

However, the countries that make up our diverse continent are lacking in big businesses and legacy institutions within cultural industries — along with the expertise, systems and practices that come with them — due to the lingering material and institutional impacts of history.

In response to this, Bubblegum X is an initiative aimed at supporting emerging creatives living and working on the African continent. At the initiative’s nucleus is an opportunity for the successful candidate to travel to Amsterdam for a month-long fully funded internship at the Daily Paper HeadQuarters.

The lack of creative industry infrastructure, systems and practices has impeded on Africa’s sustainable creative entrepreneurial growth. Although we have global superstars creating and making waves in the spaces of music, fashion, art and cultural production — we as a continent and people — have very rarely been able to fully benefit from this creative output and the scope of its potential.

Bubblegum X will also function as a platform providing exposure for aspiring fashion designers from the African continent — and as a space for digital storytelling from both Daily Paper and Bubblegum Club’s distinct perspectives. Our objectives are to: 

  • Expose young creatives to global networks and practices
  • Bring knowledge and expertise to the continent
  • Establish and strengthen networks between Africa and the diaspora

With the intention of facilitating exposure to international creative industry systems, networks and practices. 

Bubblegumclub is partnering with daily paper on an international fashion exchange programme for an aspiring fashion designer from the african continent

At the core of the programme is an opportunity for the successful candidate to travel to Amsterdam for a month long internship at Daily Paper. But will also function as a platform that provides exposure for aspiring fashion designers from the continent and for storytelling from both DP and BGC perspectives.


  1. Aged 18 – 28 years old.
  2. Based full time on the African continent.
  3. Has produced at least one physical collection (minimum 5 looks either as part of a tertiary institute or independently)
  4. Fluent in English or Dutch
  5. Holds a valid passport

How to Apply

  1. A pdf with images of 1-3 past collections
  2. Letter of motivation
  3. Video bio